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If you're ready to reclaim the full potential of your glorious self;

Connect deeply with your inner wisdom;

Activate vitality and joy in your body;

And finally feel free to express yourself fully as the Creator of your reality,

Then join me in my Divine Soul Expression Program!

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Is this you?

- Want to attune more deeply with your inner feminine WISDOM but not quite sure how to do it

- Super-curious about the POWER of the Divine Feminine and how this can bring you to a whole new level of self expression

- Desire to FEEL ALIVE and JUICY in your body again and do so CONSISTENTLY

- Even though you are COURAGEOUS in how you show up in life, you know there is more for you

- Tired of getting pulled into distractions and looking for the CLARITY of JOYFUL, PURPOSEFUL direction

- You’ve already done a lot of processing to heal past wounds, but you know there is still some work to be done so that you can FEEL FULLY FREE and EMPOWERED

If this is you, then it is time to listen to the call of your Soul and create the life you were born for!


Here's what life looks like when we work together:

+ You are ATTUNED to your Divine Feminine essence so you can take INSPIRED ACTION every day

+ Old patterns of not-enoughness are transmuted so you naturally claim what you deserve and SPEAK your TRUTH with love

+ You know the feeling of really BEING in your BODY, bringing you VITALITY and newfound JOY

+ By channeling your FEMININE POWER into your daily experiences you are able to CREATE the life you desire

+ You navigate life with greater DISCERNMENT as a result of deepening your connection to your INNER GUIDANCE

+ Habitual old beliefs are released so you experience deep APPRECIATION and LOVE for yourself and enjoy daily SELF-HONORING practices

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I’m an expert in holding sacred space and guiding women to discover their true, empowered self.


Here's what's inside this custom "Divine Soul Expression" Program:


  • Activate your Divine Feminine wisdom so you can amplify your Goddess nature and own your power
  • Explore your connection with inner guidance and receive messages to allow you to take inspired action
  • What it feels like to embody your inner feminine essence so you can live more firmly from a place of divine inspiration
  • Track new practices of tuning into feminine power so these become your new way of life


  • Identify disempowering patterns and free yourself from Lower Self talk so you can open up to new possibilities
  • Develop a practice of connecting with self nurturance so you can feel more vibrant and whole
  • Discover the original story that anchored your subconscious pattern of not-enoughness and disempowerment so that you can give it a different, more empowering, meaning
  • Track and clear other negative stories about self-worth, and transform them into feelings of self-confidence


  • Differentiate between projecting out your authority and owning your authority (aka sovereignty) so you no longer lose your power to others
  • Track and clear other negative habits of losing power and transform them so you can reclaim authority over yourself
  • Explore the experience of the energetics of healthy boundaries so you can learn what happens in your body when a boundary is crossed or invaded
  • Forgiveness, releasing left-over blame and emotional hooks so you can free yourself to live in the present
  • Gain clarity on which direction or inspiration to follow, and how to focus your energy on that, so that you can gain discernment and make decisions with ease.
  • Put into practice this process and ground the experience in your body, so you can move through your life feeling more decisive and in charge of yourself


  • Self Intimacy upgrade - explore the fears, triggers, preferences, depth of your sensuality so you can feel more confident and joyful in yourself
  • Personalized self-care practices to develop appreciation and love for yourself
  • Explore the feeling of being in your body (through movement practices/exercises) so you can feel more alive 
  • Build a daily practice of self-care and embodiment of self-love so you can nourish and nurture yourself with joy
  • Cultivate the flow of energy through your system so you can activate your creativity and feel vibrant and juicy in your body
  • Exercises so you can establish a routine of energizing your body


  • Tune into inner wisdom for guidance so that you can feel more fulfilled and aligned with your purpose.
  • Expand your vision, bringing it to life, practical steps so you can make your vision a reality
  • Master your sensitivity and develop trust in body-wisdom responses so you can keep on track as your plans come into being
  • Learn to experience trust in the process, including the unknown, so you can stay committed to your highest potential






The Program also includes:


- A 6-month container to hold you in an amazing energy of the Divine Feminine and to give you the foundation for profound transformation

- 12 private mentoring sessions so you can have fully customized support every step of the way

24+ assignments to keep you integrating and implementing what you are discovering

- Beautiful, printable exercises and templates for you to complete so you can easily track your progress and see results with every mentoring session

- Audio and video recordings for you to download and listen to in your own time so you can anchor in new practices

FeaturesBonuses you get with the "Divine Soul Expression" Program:




VALUED at $1500

  • Clear tension and stuck energy to propel you forward with joy
  • Anchor new healthy beliefs and habits so you can really experience the magical transformation happening in your life
  • Integrate new ways of being in the world so you can feel fully alive and vibrant every day



VALUED at $770

  • 24 weeks of email or VOXER support to keep you connected and moving forward
  • 3 “emergency” 15 minute calls to get unstuck quickly 



VALUED at $350

  • Discover which Goddess is drawn to supporting you, giving you an ally on your journey
  • Receive her messages to guide you through the process
  • Discover how to tap into her unique abilities so you can develop them in yourself

If you are...

- Curious what it feels like to stand in your Divine Feminine power

- Aware that emotions and energy affect your experience and desire to master them

- Already worked through many layers of emotional wounds and ready to propel yourself to a whole new level of living, aligned with your Soul purpose

- Willing to journey through the unknown to discover your true path

- Ready to commit to your transformational journey and willing to go the distance to reap the rewards

Then I invite you to join me in this life-changing

Divine Soul Expression Program!

- This is definitely NOT a fit for those who like to blame the past, complain, or who are comfortable playing small and settling for an ok life.

Your Soul is urging you forward to step into your SOVEREIGN POWER, will you answer the call?

You are so capable in many areas of your life, now give yourself the gift of committed support from a skillful guide, with heightened awareness, accountability, FUN, and loving guidance!

In 6 months from now you can feel so much more ALIVE and VIBRANT, able to TRUST in YOURSELF and know that you are FREE to express the full POWER and BEAUTY of your true essence.

You know in your heart of hearts that this is YOUR TIME - CLAIM the life you were born for!


If you have questions about the Divine Soul Expression Program, send me an email and I will get right back to you and help you decide if this program is right for you. 

Send your message to and put "Question about Divine Soul Expression Program" in the subject. 

I will be in touch ASAP. 

I am a Soul Expression Alchemist

and I am so looking forward to guiding you in connecting deeply with your Divine Feminine wisdom, so you can transmute limitations into vitality and passion, and stand confidently in your full and glorious, soul-aligned self!

My promise to you...

is to hold potent sacred space for your deep transformation and hold you accountable for your highest potential, so that you can step fully into your Divine Feminine Power.

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