Are you longing to feel joyful, energized, and free to express your TRUE ESSENCE?

I'm here to help you unleash your DIVINE FEMININE POWER so you can live your best, Soul-aligned life!

Vanessa Jade           Soul Expression Alchemist

I have always trusted my inner guidance above all else because of the strong connection I feel to the Divine. And this has saved me many times.

My life did not start out as a beautiful experience though...

I lived through years of ritual abuse and child sex trafficking. From the outside, we looked like a “normal family” living a “charmed life” while on the inside I knew with absolute certainty that I could not rely on the adults around me for safety. On several occasions, my injuries were severe enough that I was on the verge of death…

My Soul was watching over me though, and each time I had mystical experiences where my spirit left my body and traveled to the Angelic realms to escape the cruel world I lived in.

During these experiences, my body was supported and healed and infused with the most beautiful glowing Divine Unconditional Love. I received messages from the Angels and saw visions of my future. Each time I came back into my body feeling stronger and more determined to follow a path of Light and Truth even amidst the darkness I was experiencing. 

As a young adult, I grappled with the emotional, psychological, and physical wounds from the years of abuse I’d endured.

It seemed logical to throw myself into a demanding career, or a crazy social life… 

I did all of that.

Until I could no longer avoid the pain.

My health started to suffer and I knew it was time to face my wounds and find my True Path.

Many powerful mentors showed up to guide me through years of deep transformational inner work and alchemy. I trained in several healing methodologies and began holding sacred space for others on their healing journey.

But I knew there was more…

Despite the amazing transformations I had created in my life, I still found myself feeling uninspired and low in energy.

I needed to not only heal my emotional wounds but also awaken my Power!

I could feel my Soul Mission urging me forward, to bring the Light and Truth of the Divine Feminine energy to Earth – activating women to embody that power.

I delved into ancient Priestess rites and opened up a deep remembrance of practices to awaken and nurture my Divine Feminine essence.

I began to feel vibrant, energized, and joyful in my body and creative ideas started to flow. Not only that, but I noticed incredible synchronicities happening in my life that opened up new opportunities and brought solutions that I could never have imagined possible. 

I knew I had found my path and I was passionate to share what I’d discovered with other women. I could feel that I was finally living my purpose!

Combining my years of professional experience supporting women in their transformational healing, with my intuitive wisdom, channeled practices, and everything I had personally learned on my journey, I created my Divine Soul Expression Program.

As a Soul Expression Alchemist, I guide women to connect deeply with their Divine Feminine essence so they can transmute limitations into vitality and passion in their bodies, and finally feel free to fully express themselves as the creator of their reality!

If you are committed to transforming your life and not only healing your wounds but unapologetically stepping into your Divine Feminine Power - then I would love to hear from you!


I'm excited to help you activate VITALITY and JOY in your body and reclaim your sovereignty as the divine creator of your life!

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