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The Visionary Woman Collective

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An online sacred space for women to gather and explore their feminine visionary powers.

I share regular videos and inspiration to support you on your spiritual journey.

Illumination ~

A monthly journey through 2022

An ongoing month to month subscription

I will guide you to:

- Deepen into the cycles of nature and the moon

- Awaken and embody your own unique rhythm

- Draw on your own intuitive capacities to illuminate your path

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Divine Soul Expression

A custom 6-month program for heart-centered women who want to release fear, own their inner magic and create their life vision

- ATTUNE to your Divine Feminine wisdom so you can take INSPIRED ACTION every day

- Know the feeling of really BEING in your BODY, bringing you VITALITY and newfound JOY

- HEAL disempowering patterns and step into your sovereign self

- Channel your FEMININE POWER into your daily experiences so you are able to CREATE the life you desire

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I’m an expert in holding sacred space and guiding women to discover their true, empowered self.

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